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Dealing with chronic health care issues

I used to be really healthy, until I got glandular fever in my mid twenties. I got really sick and it took me a lot of time, and consultations, with different health professionals to get my issues under control. My local health clinic became my second home as I worked throug my muscle soreness with my physiotherapist, my nutritional issues with my nutrionist and got all of my blood tests and x-rays done as well. Having them all in one place made my recovery much easier. This site is my exploration of health care clinics and how they help all arms of the medical profession work together.


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3 Causes of Neck Pain and Why Immediate Treatment Is Necessary

If you have been struggling with neck pain recently, you are probably wondering why this condition is making your life intolerable. Many people struggle with neck pain but opt to ignore it. The only time they consider seeing a physician is when the condition worsens. Where possible, seek medical help if your neck pain doesn't go away after taking painkillers. Also, it's good to know the main cause of neck pain so you can make informed decisions and prevent the issue after treatment. See why you are likely to develop neck pain and why it's crucial to seek medical help in good time.

Strained Neck Muscles

Whenever you are sitting or standing, your neck needs to hold the head in a neutral position. This means that the ligaments and muscles will bear this weight throughout. But with time, one of the muscles or ligaments could get strained, causing neck pain. If you continue to stay in a neutral position, the pain will not subside. In this case, it's vital to seek medical help to ensure the problem doesn't aggravate and affect your overall health.

Neck Spasm

Sometimes you might find it difficult to turn your head due to neck pain. This condition is known as a muscle spasm and it occurs when certain muscles contract involuntarily, perhaps as a result of a neck injury, stress, poor posture, or an electrolyte imbalance. Even the people suffering from conditions like neck arthritis can experience neck spasms. 

Usually, the pain takes several days, but one should feel better after taking pain tablets and getting some rest. But if the pain doesn't diminish, one is advised to see a medical professional for a thorough examination. This helps find out whether the pain has anything to do with the vital organs like the spine.

Slipped Disc

Disc prolapse is a condition that causes neck pain. When the discs between the vertebrae fall out of place, the spine bones become exposed. This means that you will feel pain as you go about your regular work. If the problem is mild, the pain may just affect one side. If the disc has slipped, you may also experience muscle weakness and suffer tingling. 

Discs also get prolapsed due to excess weight and muscle strain—a problem a physician can help diagnose and treat. The good news is that slipped discs can be treated using regular exercise and other specialised treatments without the need for surgery.

Each time you experience neck pain, it is essential to seek medical attention right away. Your doctor will determine the cause and offer the right treatment so you can resume your normal activities soon. Where possible, avoid self-medication, as it may make the situation worse and cause severe neck problems that may require surgery.